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Sip Some Wine on the Madera Wine Trail

Written by Theresa.

Make a reservation at High Sierra RV Park today!If you are headed to the Yosemite area, then be sure to check out High Sierra RV Park!  Located close to Yosemite National Park, you will be in the perfect place to enjoy all that the area has to offer.  If you have already been to Yosemite or are looking for things to do after you've seen the majestic park then the Madera Wine Trail is an activity to look into.


The Madera Wine Trail, less than an hour from High Sierra RV Park, is a group of 14 nearby wineries that offer tastings and events regularly.  Many of the wineries are open year round and some offer specials throughout the year that can be found on the Madera Wine Trail event page.  The next "all winery" event is the "Wine and Chocolate Weekend" in February.  For more information about this event click here.  Taking a drive along the trail, sipping some Take a drive on the Madera Wine Trail!of the best wines that the area has to offer would be the perfect way to spend a weekend during your next vacation.


The staff at High Sierra RV Park would love to have you stay with them and see first hand the beauty of the area.  Head to their listing in the myCampmate business network for more park information and to make a reservation today!


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