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Why a Firepuck is a Must Have in Your Pack

Written by Theresa.

Firepuck is a great addition to any outdoor or emergency kit.So imagine your hiking or backpacking and you come to a stream you have to cross.  You scout out the path along the rocks you are going to take and start going.  Suddenly your foot slips on a mossy rock and you and your pack land in the water.  You and your pack are wet and now all you can think about is all the stuff that you really didn't want to get wet in your pack and that you need to get to camp quickly to start a fire to dry things out.  As you are walking to camp a light drizzle starts and now you are really discouraged because all the wood you were going to use to start your fire is wet.  


You get to camp and unpack your bag.  Now, time to start a fire and that's when you remember that you packed a Firepuck matchless fire starter.  Your spirits lift knowing that the fire starter will burn long enough and hot enough to light the damp wood even though it fell in the water when it was in your pack.  Here's a video that shows how a Firepuck can be submerged in water during a fall into water and still light.




Firepuck is a must have for your camping, hiking, backpacking or emergency kit.  To learn more about this product and where you can buy it check out their listing in the myCampmate business network. 

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