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Purificup is Getting Some Expert Reviews

Written by Theresa.

Get your Purificup water filtration system today!Our favorite water purification system, Purificup, has been getting some awesome reviews lately.  People are loving the ease of use, portability and safety that the Purificup offers.  Whether you are an active outdoorsman, are putting together an emergency kit or just like to be prepared this system is a great addition to any pack.


One of those reviews was done by Paul Falavolito, chief of EMS and avid outdoorsman, who tested the Purificup.  Here's what he had to say about the system:

"PurifiCup is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast.  It's lightweight, easy to carry design and self containment make this a no brainer for any backpack, glove compartment, or emergency response kit. I have put this product to the test with our Search & Rescue Team and local Emergency Disaster Response Team and found that clean, reliable water has never been easier to obtain with PurifiCup."


He also made a video of his test which you can view here:





For more information about Purificup and to find out where to get your own be sure to visit their listing in the myCampmate business network today!

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