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How myCampmate Can Help Plan Your Hunting Trip

. Posted in mycampmate Outdoor Community Blog

Going hunting? Use the myCampmate mobile app to plan your tripI have never been a huge deer hunter. While I went deer hunting a few seasons with my brother and dad during my early teen years and once about ten years ago, it’s never been a huge passion for me. Early this year, a buddy from college, who went deer hunting for the first time last year, asked if I’d be interested in doing some hunting with him this season. I love the woods and the possibility of filling the freezer with some meat and having a rack to hang on the wall lured me to accept the invitation.


A few weeks ago my buddy and I headed up to the area where we’ll be hunting to do some scouting. The forest service map was very useful in identifying the approximate locations of roads, streams, and small lakes. We were able to identify some promising spots exploring by truck and on foot. As soon as we got back into an area with cell service I pulled out my iPad, opened up the myCampmate app, and created a hunting “trip”. Using the satellite view in myCampmate alongside the forest service map, I was able to drop a red pin on all the specific spots (ponds, meadows, etc) we had checked out that day and planned to hunt. By using a “trip” with red pins, I’m able to keep the locations private and just share them with specific people.

The myCampmate mobile app helps you plan your hunting trip!

My goal was just to mark the good spots we had found so I would remember where they were but several days later that I realized the real value in using myCampate for planning a hunting trip. I had my buddy install myCampmate and then I added him to the trip so he could see the red pins I had dropped. He lives about an hour away from me, so it isn’t real practical for us to get together in person to discuss spots on a map. However, myCampmate has a built-in forum on each of the pins I dropped so we were able to communicate electronically about those specific spots on the map and we both know exactly where each other was talking about. Having the spots we scouted in person, marked on the map, also provided additional value. Satellite view allowed us to look at the area around those spots and see additional possible hunting areas that you just couldn't see from the ground. If one of us finds something interesting, we can drop a red pin and ask what the other person thinks. The discussion happens on the map!


I’ve never got a buck or even the opportunity to shoot at one. Something tells me if that happens this season, I’ll be back next year for sure!


- Gary Bradford, myCampmate CIO

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